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With a variety of personal training, group classes, and open gym access in the heart of Parnell, there’s something for everyone.

"Classes are really different, interesting and varied and everybody is very friendly and supportive"  

Personal Training

We offer private 1:1 and 2:1 personal training sessions in our dedicated private training zone.

We’ll work with you to understand your current health and fitness status, and your goals. Then we’ll develop a tailored fitness plan to guide you safely towards  achieving those goals using the most appropriate exercises, equipment, technique, and form.

As we move through your program we’ll review your progress and adjust as necessary. Most importantly, we’ll be here to cheer you along every step of the way.

Personal training sessions are available to members and non-members. Sessions are available in either 40 minute or 60 minute sessions starting from $55.

Small Group Training

We offer a range of functional fitness classes to suit different fitness levels.

All group classes last for 45 minutes and are capped at a maximum of 8 people to provide a safe, comfortable experience for everyone. Classes can be booked online here.

Our training zones and gym equipment are available for members to use outside of group class times. See our timetable to check availability.

Our classes are offered at two levels:

Adaptive classes for people new to training, recovering from injury, or for any other reason they need to adapt their workout. This is to ensure you always feel comfortable.
Amplify classes for people who are further into, or who are wanting to progress their fitness journey.

Our classes are:

Strength: Strength resistance classes designed to build lean muscle mass using body weight and free weights. Classes focus on either upper or lower body muscle groups.

Total Body: Combine strength and cardiovascular training in one workout using bodyweight movements and a range of equipment.

Cardio Strong: A perfect blend of low-impact cardio and strength-building exercises. You'll engage in exercises that elevate your heart rate without placing excessive stress on your joints and tone and strengthening your muscles without relying heavily on high-impact movements.

Interval Training: High intensity interval training using short bursts of exercise and rest over a number of rounds to promote metabolic health.

Cardio Conditioning: Moderate intensity style training carried out at a constant steady pace to promote aerobic endurance.

What it costs

There are three ways to join us. Via our membership or by purchasing one of our concession cards or a personal training session.


Access to unlimited group classes every week

$55 per week.
No minimum commitment.


Pay for 12 classes in advance.
Works out at just $20 per class.

$240 per concession card.
Valid for 12 months

Personal Training

We offer private 1:1 and 2:1 personal
training sessions.

  from $55 per session.
40 or 60 minutes sessions.