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We're more than a gym

Welcome to your new home of wellbeing and fitness.

We’re a hub for physical and mental strength and resilience. A space for you to energise, recharge, and connect with likeminded people who want to improve their overall wellbeing.

Our space

We’ve created a unique holistic environment that blends fitness, rest, recovery, and community together.

Two spacious training zones

Our gym is complete with rowing machines and functional fitness equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and plates, slam balls, wall balls, skipping ropes and more.

Training zones are used for group classes and for self-led gym sessions (when group classes are not taking place.)

Private light therapy sauna space

Our sauna offers a range of light colours, each known for specific health boosting properties. From reducing swelling, to improving circulation, lessening joint pain, and even cosmetic benefits.

Private sessions (max 2 people) complete with private shower and change area and can be booked here.

Dedicated personal training zone

Our dedicated personal training area is a completely private space separate to our group fitness zones, because we want you to feel 100% focused and comfortable while training 1:1 with us.

The personal training room is equipped with a multi-purpose training rig, which includes resistance training, pull up bar, and weights.

"I feel so much stronger, even just coming once or twice a week makes a big difference for me"

Our Story

We know it can be difficult to achieve personal fitness goals. Rest assured, we’ve been there ourselves:

It’s easy to understand why it doesn’t always stick.

Balancing home, children, and work commitments
Heading out the door at 5am, to workout before the day officially starts
The search for a welcoming gym where you feel safe, comfortable, and empowered to keep turning up (even when you really don’t feel like it)
Trying all sorts of training styles, to find one you actually enjoy
The desire to connect with other people at similar fitness levels

Until now...

Our goal for Life Co-Lab was to create a central space that takes a more holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing.

One that expands beyond the physical act of training, and embraces the importance of rest, recovery, and connection - to yourself and others.

Our journey together began in 2016. We met at a functional fitness training session looking to improve our fitness, shape up, and generally feel more alive.

We became fast friends, challenging each other, motivating each other, and competing together as we got fitter and healthier.

Training became a passion, not a chore. Over time that passion led to personal training qualifications for us both and covering classes for our own personal trainer.

In 2020 we decided to take the leap and created a partnership to turn our passion into our careers, setting the wheels in motion to create Life Co-Lab.

And here we are. Welcoming you to our space in Parnell. Our hope is that when you join us you’ll find a real passion for being as fit as you can. Because health and fitness looks different on everyone.

Between us we manage Life Co-Lab, and both run group sessions and personal training sessions.

Come and see us! Take a look around and feel for yourself how different we are.

Enter your details for more information following the link below (scroll down on the homepage) and we will be in touch!